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Birkenhead’s MP voices concerns over bus service cuts that threaten access to hospital

19 June 2017
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Birkenhead’s MP Frank Field has asked Merseytravel to set out in full the reasoning behind its proposals to axe several important bus services in Wirral.

Among the services earmarked for the chop are:

- The 154 route which was introduced to connect the eastern side of Birkenhead with the west and is used mainly by pensioners.
- Likewise the 118/119 route is the only service that connects parts of Birkenhead with Arrowe Park Hospital on weekday evenings and all day every Sunday, which could have an adverse impact on staff and visitors.
- In addition, the 492 route, to which Merseytravel proposes a revision, connects Noctorum with the rest of Birkenhead. 

Commenting on the proposals, Frank said: ‘Clearly Merseytravel is under pressure to make cuts due to another massive reduction in government funding. But my concern with the proposed cuts in their current form is that they would make it much more difficult for some of Birkenhead’s most vulnerable residents without a car to travel across town, or to hospital. I will be pushing Merseytravel to amend its proposals with the interests of those residents very much in mind.’

Frank has written to the Chair of Merseytravel, Councillor Liam Robinson, asking him to set out the basis on which the proposed changes to each service are being made. 


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